your success is a direct reflection on my success. I will not allow you to fail.  my commitment to you:

weight loss

  1. I will always encourage and never discourage
  2. I will always be available
  3. I will never just tell you to do something without making sure you understand why
  4. I will change not only your eating habits but also help you change your life
  5. I will not use gimmicks or fads, I will educate you on what fat is and how and why you have it
  6. I will change your entire thought process on food
  7. I will not have you hungry or bored on the food choices
  8. I will not help you diet, I will help you create awesome meal plans

lean mass muscle

  1. i will help you to gain lean muscle while shedding fat

  2. if your looking to gain muscle or add weight,. some clients also are looking to add size

  3. i will suggest the proper macros to continue proper eating habits for muscle building